Oyaide products distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium    
  Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium    
Oyaide FTVS510 75 Ohm pure silver digital coaxial cable Oyaide Tone arm cable Oyaide C-237 Rhodium over Silver plated IEC connector Oyaide SRBN banana plugs Oyaide OSP Brass insulators Oyaide silver headshell with silver wires
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      MJ-12 Turntable mat  
  Oyaide MJ-12 Turntable Mat February 2011 Issue. Hifi World reviews the Oyaide MJ-12 turntable mat. David Price, editor Hifi World says:
"Compared to the stock glass mat on my Marantz TT-1000. the MJ-12 took out an edgy upper midband, tightened and filled out the bass slightly, gave a sense of ease to the musical proceedings in general and investd high notes with a pleasing shimmer."

"On the Michell GyroDec belt drive, the results were also positive, adding a touch of extra image solidity and grip to the bass, with a slightly more transparent , muCh free midband."

Technics SL-1210 benefitted the most, with its mediocre muzak platter running quieter, the noise floor dropping and the deck's true quality really beginning to shine through."
    MWA-RC Magnetic Wave Absorbers  
  Oyaide magnetic wave absorbers "An excellent value accessory for your hi-fi system." HI-FI CHOICE

"Dynamics in the music seem to be more refined with the magnetic wave absorbers fitted and the music flows more smoothly." HI-FI CHOICE
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  Oyaide is Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium
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