Oyaide audio products distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium    
  Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium    
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  Oyaide Cables for Detachable Headphones  
  "Easily fitted, well made. . . . . . .an immediate and stark sonic upgrade" .  
  With the advent of the iPod, we can enjoy listening to music in many different places. Due to convenience and portability, the portable music players are regarded as the new generation of music player, not only by end users but also by audiophiles.
Nowadays, because headphones are fitted with detachable cables, increasing numbers of users are trying to improve their sound quality by changing headphone cables.
Portable headphone amplifiers have appeared and have become very popular. By the development of accessories, the sound quality of portable audio players has also been improved. Oyaide engineers have found that producing specialised cables for headphones is a challenge and have risen to that challenge with an ever growing series of new products
  HPC-35HDX and HPC-62HDX          
  Oyaide headphone cable for Sennheiser headphones   Suitable for these headphones
Sennheiser HD650, HD600, HD580, HD25-SPII
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  HPC-35SRH & HPC-62SRH            
  Oyaide HPC-35SRH,HPC-62SRH   Suitable for these headphones
Shure SRH440, SRH750DJ, SRH840, SRH940
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  HPC-35HD598 and HPC-62HD598          
  Oyaide headphone cable   Suitable for these headphones
Sennheiser HD598, HD558, HD518
Ultrazone Signature Pro, Signature DJ
KRK KNS8400, KNS6400, ETC
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  HPC-35J and HPC-62J             
  Oyaide headphone extension cable   Headphone Extension Cable
to maintain high quality headphone sound over longer distances, a high quality extension is very important so as to avoid the suound degardation that can occur when headphone cables are extended.
Two models are avialable to plug into either 3.5 mini or 1/4 inch sockets.
You will need to use a 3.5mm mini connector to plug into the socket.
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    MMCX detachable earphone cable is "top brand of earphone re cable", it incorporates's plenty of innovative technology and is a new generation of MMCX earphone re-cable.

The newly developed "cross slit", "ribbed" MMCX plug has been developed in order to obtain a stable and sustainable sense of conductivity.

Furthermore, high quality materials have been used to enhance usability. The earphone users stick to styling and sound, and this comletes the experience with the MMCX earphone cable to deliver the joy of re-cable.
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  Oyaide is Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium
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