Oyaide products distributed in the UK by Blacl Rhodium    
  Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium    
Oyaide FTVS 510 Digital coaxial 75 ohm pure silver cable Oyaide Tone Arm Cable Oyaide C-237 Rhodium over Silver plated IEC connector Oyaide SRBN rhodium over silver 4MM plugs Oyaide brass insulators Oyaide Headshell with silver wires
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  Magnetic Wave Absorbers   The magnetic wave absorbers are inexpensive, easy to fit, and can improve your sound quality.

"Dynamics in the music seemed to be more refined and efortless with the Magnetic Wave Absorbers fitted and the music flows more smoothly". Hi-Fi Choice.

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  INS-SP Brass Insulator             
    The superiority of the spike is actually enhancing response, S/N ratio and resolution due to the controlling vibration propagation at a point. Generally, for the spikes, spike bases are used together in order not to damage the floor. And it is well known that the characteristic of a spike base influences the total sound quality. The two things must be required for a spike base; one is high accuracy and another is rigidity of the material which can bear for one point weighting. If the accuracy is low, due to the gap between spikes and a device, the one point contact doesn’t function fully. And also, for the low-rigid spike base, the device would be not stable by cutting contact point. We selected the best material for our original spikes, INS-SP, as a result of examination and repeated listening tests.      
  INS-BS   The Base Insulator that has many uses in reducing the effect of mechsanical vibrations on sound quality.     Download more information  
  STB-CM6 Steel Insulator            
    This simple designed pipe works as the replacement weight for the Oyaide original “STB-MS” vinyl stabilizer, the cable stabilizer for line, speaker, and power cable, and the insulator placed under your audio components. They are suplied in packs of 4 or 6 pieces     Download more information  
  SS-47 Solder            
    Oyaide solder is available for high quality audio assembly in reels of 100g, 500g and 1000g.      
  PITA POTA SHEET            
    The Pota Pita sheet is designed to improve the sound quality of portable music players such as iPods and portable headphone amplifiers. Many people attach their portable players and headphone amplifiers with a rubber band. This is difficult to use and does not look cool. By using a sheet of a self-adhesive urethane sheet, rubber bands are not needed and aesthetics are not compromised. Because the sheet does not contain a thickening agent and is oil free, it does not cause discolouration. The size of the Pota Pita sheet is 40mm x 70mm and can be pasted directly to iPhones and IPods. It can be easily cut to size with scissors if required. Because the Pota Pita sheet absorbs vibration, it not only limits the damage if the equipment is dropped, but it also improves sound quality and provides the listener with a superior musical experience.     Download more information  
  Oyaide is Distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium
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